Sunday, July 22, 2012

Old English on Forbes

Despite the prevalence of Mediterranean Revival buildings in Jacksonville's historic Riverside neighborhood, there are many styles of architecture represented.  Here's a reminder that Tudor Revival was popular in the 1920s too.

2160 Forbes Street, Jacksonville, Florida.  This Tudor Revival style building is located at the corner of Forbes and Copeland Street.  Current owner Dave Doughman obtained information from the state that shows the home was built in 1927 for C.L. Gaines, Jr. by the O.P. Woodcock Company.  The architect was W.K. Drake.  Judging by the exterior, Dave has done a fine job of maintaining this handsome building.

Each apartment in this four-plex has two bedrooms and one bath.  Dave told me the building includes period features such as archways and built-in bookcases.  He rented an apartment here until 1989 when the couple who owned the building sold it to him.

The awnings help showcase the front of the building along with providing protection from sun and rain.

The Tudor Revival style is evident in some of the exposed timber trim on the facade. 

Well-maintained wooden casement windows let in a lot of light.

Here are a couple of pictures I took on a day when the awnings were rolled up.  You get a better look at the wood used in the building's construction.  Doughman told me it is all cypress.  This is one solid structure.

This comfortable and attractive house is located on a pleasant tree-lined block of the historic neighborhood. Pride of ownership benefits the neighborhood and contributes to the appeal of Riverside and Five Points.

From 2160 Forbes Street it's an easy walk to the 5-Points shopping district, Riverside Park, Memorial Park, and the St. Johns River.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Amelia

Here's a lovely old apartment house that overlooks Willow Branch Park in Jacksonville's historic Riverside neighborhood.  It is a large building by the neighborhood's standard.

The Amelia apartments, 1308 Willow Branch Avenue at Sidney Street, Jacksonville, Florida.  This is a 24 unit apartment building, likely constructed sometime in the early to mid 1920's.  The Amelia is a U-shaped building, with the main entrance located in a center courtyard.

It's not unusual to see a fountain as a centerpiece to an entrance courtyard like this one.  What is unusual is for the fountain to work!  The one at the Amelia bubbles away, creating a cool serenity on a hot day.   

Beyond the fountain, the main entrance to the building is in the middle of three archways.

The name of the building is centered over the entrance.

A peek inside reveals a building that is well cared for.

The setting across the street from the park is very pleasant.  Here's a look back at the park from the front of the building.

Willow Branch park extends south from Sidney Street across Park Street.  A narrow band of the park continues south from there, extending all the way to the St. Johns River.

The Amelia on Willow Branch park, as pleasant a place to live today as when it was constructed nearly ninety years ago.