Monday, December 19, 2011

A Really Good Hamburger

You get hungry when you spend the day traipsing around historic neighborhoods taking pictures of old buildings and houses!  So when it's time for a break, I go in search of the great American hamburger...and there's not better place to do that than Los Angeles.  I decided a long time ago there are more great hamburger joints in LA than in any other city.  Two of my favorites are The Apple Pan on the west side and Top's in Pasadena.  But on this trip, I decided to go back to Oinkster in Eagle Rock.

As the sign notes, the Oinkster is "slow fast food" and not just hamburgers.  They have chicken, pastrami, and pulled pork among other things.  They're also famous for their milkshakes.  But I love the burger at the Oinkster.

We got there and put in our orders.  Our timing was good, because within just a few minutes the place was jammed with people and the line got longer and longer.  That means a bit of a wait.

Finally, our food!  Not just a cheeseburger, but also fries.  They're Belgian fries, which means double fried.  Very crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.  All of the sauces including the ketchup are homemade.  Yum!  That's a big burger.  I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day!

You can eat outside too, but it was a little cool on the day we had lunch there.  We'd been to The Oinkster once before and wondered if it was as good as we remembered it.  It was.

The Oinkster, slow fast food, 2005 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.  Worth a visit!  Next post, back to historic buildings!

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