Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oxford Hall

Here's a reminder that the roaring 20's building boom brought more than just Mediterranean Revival and Old Spanish architecture to Florida.  Tudor Revival in the sunshine state?  Why not?

Oxford Hall Apartments, 1020 Stockton Street, Jacksonville, built in 1929, architects Mark & Sheftall.  You can read more about Earl Mark and Leeroy Sheftall and their prolific work in Jacksonville in this post from October:

Jacksonville's Architectural Heritage, Landmarks for the Future, notes that this building is rich in architectural trimmings without being terribly original in design.  The trimmings may be superficial, but they're fun and help make what would otherwise be an ordinary apartment building attractive and appealing.  For example, the cast-stone entrances lend a sense of grandeur to the house.

The Tudor Revival flourishes include half-timbering, leaded glass, and decorative verge boards on the gables.  Casement windows over the entrances add a stately look.  Elsewhere in the building there is a combination of casements and double-hung windows.

Even the downspouts include interesting details that reflect the Tudor Revival style of the building.

There are ten one bedroom/one bath apartments at Oxford Hall.

Oxford Hall is another of many great contributions by the team of Mark & Sheftall to the Riverside historic district.

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