Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Meurice

Here's a larger building that, at first glance, looked like a school to me.  But this three story apartment house in Jacksonville's historic Riverside neighborhood sold late last year, and units are now on the market as condominiums.

The Meurice apartments, 2061 Forbes Street, Jacksonville, Florida, built in 1926.  This red brick building contains 12 apartments.  There are nine two-bedroom and three one-bedroom units.  According to Trulia, the Meurice sold for $710,000 in September 2011.  In 2000 it had sold for $385,000; based on pictures, the previous owner had extensively renovated the interior prior to the most recent sale last year.

There are several entrances to this handsome building, which is located at the corner of Forbes and Goodwin Streets.

Welcome to the Meurice.  The name is spelled out on the tile floor of the landing at each of the entrances.

Looking up as you stand at the door--

And here's a peek inside.  The apartment interiors have many original features, including high ceilings, fireplaces, and formal dining rooms.

These are sun-filled apartments judging from the many windows.  The window style varies.  Here's a casement window with a fancy cast-stone pediment.

Here, a more simple casement.

And, elsewhere in the building, traditional sash windows.

There is interesting brick work across the facade, and ornamental barrel-tile along the roof line.

This positive message on the sidewalk outside the Meurice told me something about the people who live there.

A little further along I found this one:

Finally, upon returning to the front door, I noticed this:

I think some nice people reside at the Meurice!

The Meurice is another example of how large and small-scale multi-family buildings co-exist nicely with single-family homes in this historic neighborhood.  It is a pleasant location.  The 5 Points shopping district is a block away; the beautiful St. Johns River is a comfortable six block walk.


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  2. I just found this article and have been living in The Meurice for the past 7 years. That was my chalk work in the pictures. Thank you so much for writing this and I'm glad I found it even though I am now, sadly, moving.