Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Charron

Here's a nice building that makes me happy enough to go around the block to take another look.  It's the Charron, a Mediterranean Revival style building that likely dates from the 1920's.

The name is visible over the entrance as you approach the building in the historic Riverside neighborhood.   The Charron, 2016-18 Herschel Street, Jacksonville, Florida.

This little building has simple, but elegant features...

...and an eye-catching lion's head centered over its name.

There are four one-bedroom apartments, each 900 square feet.  The building was renovated in 2003.  According to the owner, the apartments feature vintage elements such as original hardwood floors and unique built-in banquettes in the kitchen with under seat storage.  Here's a peak inside the front door.

The building is not heavily decorated.  There is brick trim around the windows...

Up top, a shaped parapet sets off the front of the building.

Here's another vintage feature that is seen in many similar buildings in the neighborhood-- window boxes.  As you can see from the Poinsettias, the building was decorated for Christmas when I took this picture last year.

Each of the units has a garage in the back of the building.  There is also a garage apartment.

Some of the simplest buildings are the most pleasing.  This one definitely works for me.

The Charron is just around the corner from the center of the 5-Points shopping district and may stores and restaurants.  Memorial Park and the St. Johns River are a pleasant two-block walk away.

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