Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Walk on Wilcox

This is a bit random, but this street art on Wilcox Avenue just off Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, CA. caught my eye back in April when I was visiting LA.  I decided to explore a few blocks in the vicinity of the sign. After all, it says Start Walkin' and who could resist that command by Nancy Sinatra (even if I wasn't wearing boots)?

I pretty quickly discovered there are many interesting buildings along this stretch of Wilcox.  First, to the south, and this Art Deco beauty with many beautiful details.


A little further south I came across the Hollywood News Building at 1545 Wilcox.

This building was also the home of the Citizen News.

Look up to enjoy beautiful details.

I'm a sucker for old neon signs and rooftop signs.  They abound on these few blocks.  Here you can see the Hotel Mark Twain, the Pacific Theatre tower on Hollywood Boulevard, and, in the distance, the Lido Apartments.

Just across the street from the Hollywood News building, the Gilbert Hotel.  And visible a couple of blocks to the east, the iconic sign of The Broadway Hollywood, formerly a department store, now high-price residential units.

I reversed course, and walked north to the intersection of Wilcox and Hollywood Boulevard for a closer look at the Pacific Theatre, now a church.

This beautiful old movie palace is another wonderfully detailed building.

And there are reminders that this stretch of sidewalk has a way to go yet.

North of the boulevard, I peeked over a fence into the lush courtyard of an apartment complex.

At the corner of Wilcox and Yucca, the Lido Apts, a touch of "old Hollywood" according to the sign.  I took a walking tour a couple of years ago and the guide said that Carol Burnett and her mother lived here for a while when Burnett was growing up.

The Lido has another of Hollywood's great vintage roof-top neon signs.

I have many more pictures which I'll share in a future post.  I'll end this one by thanking the artist whose streetside mural inspired me "start walkin'."  Here's a link to further appreciate the sentiment:

Thanks Nancy.  Great song, and a great walk.

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