Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Wayfarers Chapel

This historic church was dedicated in 1951 in a spectacular location overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, south of Los Angeles.  As you approach the Wayfarers Chapel, it is barely visible inside the grove of redwood trees that surround it.

Architect Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the church as a "tree chapel" of glass, Palos Verdes stone, and redwood beams. 

Lloyd Wright had this to say about the design of the chapel: "I wanted particularly to allow those trees (that surround the church) and those trunks to be seen, and the space beyond and into infinity to be observed, so those who sat in the sanctuary would perceive the grandeur of space out beyond and around them.  For that purpose, I used the glass so that the natural growth, the sky, and the sea beyond became the definition of their environment, but they get the protection of the glass enclosure."

The Wayfarers Chapel is affiliated with The Swedenborgian Church, which was founded by 18th century scientist and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg.  It was conceived as a respite for all wayfarers on the journey of life.  The church states in its literature that the power of the Wayfarers Chapel is a blend of the sacred purpose and beauty that people experience.

The beauty and serenity of this special place are only about a half hour south of LAX. 

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