Monday, October 3, 2011

The Lucerne

Here's a larger building worth noting, The Lucerne, at the corner of Park Street and Copeland Street in Jacksonville's Riverside neighborhood.  With its cool, green facade, this building seems to rise up from the lawn around it, completely at home with its neighbors which include a medical office, a banquet hall, and several turn-of-the-century houses.

The Lucerne, 1520 Copeland Street, Jacksonville.  This handsome three story apartment house was built in 1924 and contains twelve one-bedroom apartments.  The current owner purchased the building in 2001 and has restored it beautifully.  The Lucerne's broad expanse anchors it nicely on this busy corner.  It is conveniently located two blocks from the 5 Points business district and four blocks from the St. Johns River.

Here's a closer view of the appealing entrance:

And here's one more view that provides an even closer look at the front door, its decorative surround, and the name Lucerne Apts tastefully announced above the entrance:

The front entrance is as simple and clean as the building, and very inviting.  It seems to announce that this is not just an apartment building.  This is a home, built in an age when elements of design and decoration were as much a consideration in a multi-family home as in the nearby single family homes, some of which are quite lavish.

Here is another view of The Lucerne from Copeland Street:

In the view above you can better see the setback of the front door in a tiled courtyard entry.  Each of the twelve apartments in The Lucerne has a sun room with casement windows.

In the side view below you can see one of the original fire escapes:

The Lucerne is another of my favorites, a gem in this walkable, historic neighborhood.  Everything you want or need is just around the corner.  Welcome home.

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