Thursday, October 6, 2011

Park Manor Apartments

The Park Manor is good example of the sprawling brick apartment buildings scattered throughout the Riverside neighborhood in Jacksonville.  It is one of many constructed during the boom years of the 1920's when the demand for apartments grew along with the city.  The architect was Philip Bergman.

Park Manor Apartments, 2504-2506 Park Street.  Reference books list 1928 as the year of construction; the year 1929 is inscribed on the building over its name.

The Park Manor is a fairly simple, straightforward building underneath all of its ornamentation, but it has enough style to command attention.  There are two entrances on Park Street and one on Stockton Street, each leading to four apartments.  Here is one of the Park Street entrances:
Note the arches over the lower windows, the quoins, and the cast stonework.  On the upper left you can see one of the urns that caps each corner of the building.  There are balconies with wrought-iron railings and brackets over each doorway.  Here's a closer view of one of the balconies:

The above view also gives a closer look at the triple-arches over the lower windows, their ornamentation, and the brickwork on the facade. 

Here's a look at the second Park Street entrance, this one shaded by a large oak.

And here's another view of the building from the vantage point of that same oak, looking east on Park Street:

The Park Manor, at the intersection of Park and Stockton, blends nicely into the Riverside streetscape, and provides a counterbalance to the massive and beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd across the street.  Like most of the homes and apartments in the neighborhood, it is accessible and inviting.  Whether you are walking or driving by, these buildings compel you to pause and take a look.

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