Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Faded Beauty

As I've shown on this blog, there are many beautifully restored buildings in Jacksonville's historic Riverside neighborhood.  We've also seen there are unpolished gems, faded beauties waiting for restoration, that continue to provide home and shelter.  Here's one worth knowing about.

It's the Knibilt, 1503-1509 Cherry Street, Jacksonville, built in 1927 (according to on-line records), architect unknown.  This Mediterranean Revival four-plex is located on the corner of Cherry and Park Streets.

The Knibilt follows the typical pattern of these buildings with two apartments downstairs and two upstairs.  These are two bedroom, one bath units.  The doors facing the street lead to hallways and stairs and entrances to the apartments.

Inside, the stairs to the upper units.

Here's a sign of the past on the wall...push-button light controls.

The downstairs units not only have entrances off the hallways; there are also doors from the front porch to their private porches.

This side view shows the downstairs porches with open vents on the sides.

The window boxes look a little worn.  It appears a new layer of stucco was added over the facade at some point. 

Here's are two views of the upstairs balconies.  Note the accent of barrel tiles on the overhang.  You can also see the barrel tile roof over the front porch.  

Next to the apartment house, the remains of a garage still stand.  I've seen many examples of this in Riverside.  You wonder when they gave up on the garage and let it go, and why.

The Knibilt is typical of the Mediterranean Revival buildings that can be found throughout this riverfront neighborhood. 

The Knibilt is a solid, interesting building.  I spoke to one of the tenants who praised its "old-fashioned" features and described it as a good place to live.  The building is right next to Willow Branch park.  It's an easy walk to the Park/King shopping and restaurant district, and a pleasant five block walk to the St. Johns River.

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