Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Office/Home Landmark by Klutho

One of the trends in the new-urbanism movement is a return to mixed-use buildings that provide office/retail space in addition to living space.  Historic examples of this provide excellent illustrations of how well the idea can work.  Here's one of my favorites from Jacksonville's historic Riverside neighborhood by one of the city's premier architects of the last century.

Doctors Love and McGinnis house, 2063 Oak Street, Jacksonville, built in 1926, architect H.J. Klutho.  This home was designed as a live/work structure.  Dr. James Love and Dr. R.H. McGinnis had their offices on the first floor and lived on the second floor.  The five-sided building is an exotic, beautiful Mediterranean-revival design by Klutho, who supplied many of the city's most memorable homes, apartment building, high-rise office buildings, and hotels.  The home presents a dramatic main entrance on the corner of Oak and Goodwin streets. 

A series of columned archways frame the tiled front porch and lead to an impressive arched front door with sidelights that follow its shape.  Arched windows flank the door.

A columned balcony tops the porch. 

The porch and the balcony with its barrel-tiled roof duplicate the lines of the house with five sides.  There are few rectangular rooms inside this interesting house!

Windows are a key feature; among those downstairs are triple arched windows.  Single windows are less elaborate but are set off by decorative wrought iron.

Other interesting features include cast-stone medallions; wrought iron grilles cover attic and basement vents.

The Jacksonville Historic Landmark commission has designated the Love-McGinnis residence a landmark.  Pinkston and Pinkston attorneys occupy the building today.

This beautiful building is just around the corner from the 5 Points business district.  Many historic homes within this proximity have been converted from residential to commercial or business use.  The Love-McGinnis residence always had a business use with the doctors' offices on the first floor.

This master home by a master architect is as much a good citizen on the streetscape of this beautiful historic neighborhood as in 1926 when it was built.

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